No matter what machine tool, it will be forever true that if you don’t plan for machine maintenance, your machine will plan it for you. Whether you operate one machine or a whole fleet, this flexible and comprehensive service plan can be applied to meet the specific maintenance needs as they apply to each machine. Talk with our maintenance specialist on how OMAX can better serve you.

Planned Maintenance Package: 

Cantilever or Bridge Machine

OMAX Service Program

Installation of parts (purchased separately)


Check or grease/oil all lubrication points

Test cut for accuracy; make necessary adjustments

Inspect ball screws and traction drives

Check and/or rebuild high pressure pump(s) (on-hand quantities; additional pricing available)

Water Treatment

Inspect and replace all filters (on-hand quantities; additional pricing available)

Inspect or rebuild all swivels using swivel rebuild kits

Clean Ozone Stone

Wipe Out Clean/Dirty Tanks

Check and/or install the latest IntelliMax Software; nominalizing administrative set-up for the consumer

Remove and Clean/Replace Filters: WRS; Nano-Filtration; Pre-Filtration; Pump Suction Screen

Clean Laminar Flow Filter

Verify Softener settings and Brine level(s)

Clean TDS Probe

Training: Customer Selected Topics (i.e. – Layout; Make; IntelliCam [3D]; Fixturing; Maintenance; Etc…)

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